GPA WI Foster Home Application

GPA WI Foster Home Application

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT GREYHOUND FOSTERING: Fostering is not letting a new greyhound have the run of your home. Fostering is taking on the responsibility of teaching the NGA greyhound how to transition from the racing or farm life to the pet life. He or she is used to people being unquestionably in charge of large numbers of dogs. They have always had this leadership, a structured environment, and lots of greyhound friends. Now he or she must learn to live alone or with one or two buddies. They still need you to be in charge. They need routine and boundaries. In his past the racing greyhound was turned out several times per day with the big group, muzzled for safety, and disciplined only if play got too rough. Now he or she must learn house rules and adjust to living alone. This is the responsibility of the foster home.

Complete and submit this online application. You will receive a confirmation email and your application will be referred to the Foster Coordinator.

Important Notice to potential fosterers outside of Wisconsin:
We provide support and other resources for foster homes so it's important to be local so we can be as helpful as possible. If you are out of state, we suggest contacting the NGA endorsed responsible adoption groups on the NGA website, www.ngagreyhounds/adopt for a group closer to you.

Why do we ask for so much information? It's important to learn the experience of a potential foster so we can help if needed and also use your personal expertise where best needed. We never sell or distribute your information outside of our organization.

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A representative from GPA‐WI will contact you as soon as possible after reviewing your application. We are an all volunteer organization, so we appreciate your patience.